Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rounding up Stray Neurons'...

Trying to find a focus after AU 2011 and it's been difficult to even find the time. Today is the first day I've been able to get back to my home office after AU. Upon return, I found myself thrust right back into grind for 3 days straight, plus dealing with a cold I must have found in Vegas...

Now that I've finally had a chance to reset, I would have to say the highlight for me this year was attending the class/lab "Playing with Energetic Supermodels" held by Matt Jezyck & Zach Kron. Not only was it a last minute addition to the schedule, they pulled off a killer lab with full datasets, handouts and presentation slides, which relied on working with pre-alpha software. The other great thing about the class was seeing the Revit/Vasari brain power in one room. Some of my previous blog posts have given slight hints at the power now within reach, but I can now honestly say I've driven a Vasari mass element via a node workbench I built myself.

Vasari + Dynamo = AWESOME - "This is the software you've been waiting for..."

I think this will be my focus in the short term in addition to the other stuff I already have going on. Vasari DL
Vasari Community
Dynamo DL and Community

Go get started!

P.S. - Waiting for Vasari to add a couple buttons to the Solar Radiation tool as shown in the class...

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