Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Real Deal - Viewing a Revit Model on an iPad

So, we've all seen the plugins, exporters, extractors, converters, etc. that promise to let you "view" a Revit model on an iPad. Once you start looking into, you realize quickly that you have to convert your native Revit file format into something else. Well, that has never been good enough for me which is why I'm so excited that I can finally do this! It's so easy, it's not even funny! Here's how it works...

Starting with your Autodesk Buzzsaw account (yes you can run a free 30 day trial to test this out), upload any native Revit project. Click on it to view it. Select one of the Views or Sheets from your model to view. Click the interactive button to actively pan & zoom around the model. If you are in a View, select an object to get metadata about it. Here are some screen grabs from my iPad with a test model I uploaded a few minutes ago!

After Initial model is uploaded and selected, you are presented with native Revit Views / Sheets to open

Viewing interactively in a 3D Revit View with a Wall selected and displaying metadata
Viewing one of the Sheets in the Revit model

Inspecting a View in the Revit model

P.S. I have to give props to HMC Architects Autodesk reseller, Kelar Pacific, for bringing this to my attention - this would have otherwise likely slipped under the rug with the new Autodesk product releases happening!

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