Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Music in my World of BIM (or how iTunes 11 left me longing for 10) - Off Topic

If you are a human, chances are you love music. For me, music really helps me get stuff done - especially when faced with a looming deadline. So imagine my surprise when I upgraded to iTunes 11 yesterday and the interface completely changed on me. Actually, I should have expected it, but it left me staring at a barren landscape with seemingly no way to find my playlists I've painstakingly built. Thus began the great button hunt of 2012. Below I can sum up in about 3 steps totaling 7 clicks on how you can get iTunes 11 looking pretty much like iTunes 10 (please note this is on Windows7 64bit OS).

In iTunes 10 I was still using a list view of my music library (playlists & radio too). I don't need giant squares showing album covers. Give me a list view!

Step one:
Activate the Menu Bar

Step two:
Turn on Sidebar & Status bar via the View menu pulldown


Status bar:

Step 3:
Click Music (or radio if looking for stations)