Friday, September 7, 2012

Set your Phase(r) to Stun

I'm presenting a lunch workshop internally on Monday dealing with Phasing in Revit. I've settled on a title of "Stun your Coworkers with Phasing in Revit". Other titles that I kicked around or were suggested to me included:
  • Don’t Klingon to old habits, get stunned by phasing in Revit
  • Temporal Mechanics is not just for Trekkies – Phasing in Revit is for Everyone
  • Don’t be stunned by phasing in Revit
  • A new phase of your life in Revit
  • The time is now for a new Phase in Revit
  • Don’t let Revit phase you – Phasing made easy in Revit
  • Demolish any Misconceptions of Phasing in Revit
If you've ever wondered about my sanity, wonder no more...


  1. I'm covering the same topic in an upcoming session. Mine is named Then, Now and Later: Phasing in Revit. I like yours better. :)