Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Autodesk Licensing Online Only...

For those that deal with getting license files for Autodesk products, things have recently changed. I received a notice back on December 20th via email and had largely forgotten about it until I noticed a recent post by the Up and Ready blog. If in the past, you used to request licenses via email or fax (who uses faxes anymore!?!?) they were retired at the end of 2011. For me, this produced a large <gasp> followed by some vocabulary exercises...

The following comes via a post from the Up & Ready blog and their latest post on the relatively new procedures for requesting license assistance.

One-Step Licensing Assistance Web Form - Use this page to get a report of all licenses registered to your company name or activate a product once (with a wait time)
Register Once - Log in with your account info for instant, automatic online license generation (how instant remains to be seen)
Online Licensing Support for Customers - great for general queries about licensing
Common Registration and Activation Questions - if you are new to licensing Autodesk products, this will be of great help

Lastly, it was mentioned in the notice sent to me back in December that you can still request licensing assistance via subscription center by opening a case. So now, instead of simply sending an email, I have to log into a system and log a ticket. I don't know about any of you out there, but I will miss the email alias for license requests...

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