Thursday, January 19, 2012

Word, Excel & PPT on the iPad...

In a previous post I mentioned an app called CloudOn that provides access to Word, Excel & PPT on your iPad. My reservation was that it wouldn't insert images. I've also found that the arrangement of the interface was different than what I was used to on my desktop. It is nice though to have it integrated with Dropbox for document editing, storage and printing if needed.

However, I now have found an even better app, thanks to Gizmodo & some friends at work. OnLive Desktop has an iPad app which gives full access to all current features of Word, Excel & PPT, with a full Windows 7 desktop. It even accepts hand writing input and translates it to text. Documents are stored on their server with access via web browser. So, if you want to print from your iPad, you can view the files you have and either print from Safari or open in Dropbox and print from there - straight from the iPad. If you have an AirPrint enabled printer, great, otherwise, tie this together with an app called Print n Share (try the free version to see if your printer works) and you've got yourself a great workflow on your iPad!

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