Monday, January 23, 2012

Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Revit 2012

Who deosn't love free stuff? The Autodesk Labs team has posted another tech preview for your enjoyment! The Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Revit 2012 looks to be what I was initially hoping would happen when Revit first started to support point clouds. While other solutions have existed for a while to convert point clouds into native Revit objects, this is the first official release of a tool from Autodesk to do just that. This initial release seems to target the key model components such as Floors and Walls along with a couple other tools. Check out the landing page (link above) for it on Labs to download, get an overview & some how to videos! The getting started page has some sample point cloud files for testing if you need some for testing.


  1. Wow..It looks like great feature for enjoyment. Let me try it..I am very curious about it.The new feature seems to be quite useful. I hope that it will work great for me .