Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Services

Out of the ashes of a scattered set of tools arises a new service from Autodesk - Cloud Services. Many others have blogged about this, but I felt I should give a heads up to all those of you out there of a few things you should be immediately aware of.
  1. ALL of your subscription users will be given access to the cloud features IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Project Neon from Autodesk labs has been retired. A shame as I was just getting this deployed firm wide...
Of course, there is no global way to control settings for your subscription users, so if you should need to turn off/on settings company wide due to security reasons, you get to do so ONE by ONE. Fortunately I only had about 30-40 people to change this setting on. :/

More on this to come as I explore this new service. I wish Autodesk had communicated this better to its Subscription account managers...

Friday, September 9, 2011


So, yes all Revit bloggers have posted about Vasari 2.1 with the great new ability to analyze CFD. But today I finally broke down to post when they added the latest shiny tool - SLIDERS!!!!

Everyone likes sliders, especially designers.

You can download from the main Vasari page on Labs!