Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plugin Apps for Project Vasari!

I noticed today that an updated version of Dynamo for Vasari/Revit had been released.

Key new features from the wiki:
- User Interface - side panel to allow you to search and then drag and drop new nodes in to place
- User-created nodes – you can make 'sub-nodes' and then reference them elsewhere, these act like writing a reusable function in a programming language
- Python Scripting node – we have integrated a python scripting node
- Math, logic and other nodes – many new nodes added to support evaluation,  iteration and looping

When I was getting the above updates, I noticed one I hadn't seen!
Relationship Viewer!?!?!?
From the Wiki: "This add-in takes the user’s current selection and displays a diagram showing its relationship to the other elements in the document. You can use this add-in to visualize and better understand the relationships between objects in Project Vasari."

Sweet expansion of apps we are seeing here. Between Python and Dynamo, some sweet stuff is now possible.

Download page for Vasari and all supported apps: