Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Insight and Inspiration...

Some very interesting work being done by Nathan Miller, specifically working with the Revit/Vasari API and automation of workflows that impact our daily lives. His blog, "The Proving Ground" highlights some of his recent R&D while his full wiki website has specific examples to get you going and pique your interest.

Great stuff - go check it out!


Image via Nathan Miller blog "The Proving Ground" as an example of what he is doing!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Information Overload!

So much stuff going on - reflecting back on what I've done since my last post:
  • Prepared & presented 2 lunch workshops centered around Vasari & Revit for HMC - AU style complete with handouts, datasets & PPT.
  • Work is progressing on building/deploying 2013 Autodesk products.
  • Re-evaluating the use of Revit Server.
  • Continued mentoring sessions for Revit at various offices.
  • And a few others things escaping my mind at the moment.
Once I've had a chance to re-evaluate Revit Server, I'll make a new post about my findings, so stay tuned. I've also had some success reverse engineering Zach & Lilli's post about using Python scripting with Vasari/Revit - some really promising stuff! A busy time of year as always!