Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Autodesk FormIt - Intro and Resources

Last week Autodesk announced FormIt - a new conceptual design application built from the ground up for the iPad. I had a chance to talk briefly with Tom Vallaro ( @tomvallaro ) after he presented FormIt to a group in an open theater at AU2012 and was really excited to hear some of the things they are working towards with FormIt (some of which I can't share here).

Have an iPad?
Do you like free apps?

Then check out FormIt! If you like Sketchup/Vasari, you will love how FormIt works.

iTunes store link
Autodesk FormIt website
Autodesk Blog Revit Clinic
What Revit Wants
The Revit Kid

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Music in my World of BIM (or how iTunes 11 left me longing for 10) - Off Topic

If you are a human, chances are you love music. For me, music really helps me get stuff done - especially when faced with a looming deadline. So imagine my surprise when I upgraded to iTunes 11 yesterday and the interface completely changed on me. Actually, I should have expected it, but it left me staring at a barren landscape with seemingly no way to find my playlists I've painstakingly built. Thus began the great button hunt of 2012. Below I can sum up in about 3 steps totaling 7 clicks on how you can get iTunes 11 looking pretty much like iTunes 10 (please note this is on Windows7 64bit OS).

In iTunes 10 I was still using a list view of my music library (playlists & radio too). I don't need giant squares showing album covers. Give me a list view!

Step one:
Activate the Menu Bar

Step two:
Turn on Sidebar & Status bar via the View menu pulldown


Status bar:

Step 3:
Click Music (or radio if looking for stations)