Thursday, April 14, 2011

*GASP* A Command Prompt for Revit???

I know so many Revit diehards out there that shudder at the mere mention of a command line from their days of using AutoCAD. I know a lot of AutoCAD lovers who can't get over the loss of their command line when they get into Revit. Well, if you ever needed to know what commands are being issued by all those keyboard and mouse clicks, now you can. You can also type out commands and enter them to your hearts content (not that I would want to...). Check out the recent post over at BIM Kicks for the tool...


  1. Recording the mouse clicks is a bit extreme, but interesting concept!

  2. It's similar to what Revit records to the journal file...

  3. Brian,
    There are options to enable or disable the amount of activity you want recorded.

    Pretty slick actually to familiarize oneself with whats happening in the background.

    But I have to say that .. I wrote it.