Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Life of Software Training Book/Manual

The life of a software training book/manual is so short lived. The person gets on the day of training, writes some notes in it and references it for a year or so while they get up to speed on the software. Then it goes on a shelf, under the desk or into the office library where it can sit undisturbed for years. During our recent "Clean your desk day" that I blogged about, we also worked on other parts of the office. We found some pretty old manuals. Titles such as "AutoCAD 2002", "Architectural Desktop 3.3", "Mastering Architectural Desktop 2005" and "Revit Architecture 2009 User Guide" were found collecting dust.

Is it time to stop printing books like this and simply reference digital forms of them?
I think so...

Is there still validity to printed forms of these books?
Maybe in a limited fashion, but we certainly don't need one at every desk in the office...

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