Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's geek out time kids! Mail order arrived Tuesday containing 2 USB flash drives each with a capacity of 32GB's containing the Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium. If that doesn't make one smile, perhaps the fact that they are solidly built with a wonderful metal casing that's well designed with a finish that is pretty close to my dell laptop case will perk your inner geek. Or maybe the sexy red flashing light will get you going or the fact that it will install over 10 products with a single click will light your fire!

Out of the box!

In Action!

I was a bit suspicious on a previous blog post about how "one-click" this might actually be. Well, it turns out, if you don't count the clicks to get to the actual install button or configuring the product install settings, it really is ONE-CLICK install for all products. The other thing I really appreciated is it detected that I already had some 2012 products installed and deselected them from the list of products to install.

Now that I think about it, I might start a collection of these on one of those janitor key chains. I think that would lend some status to my geek score...

Anyways, time to go play with some new products...

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