Thursday, October 20, 2011

Formation of Alliances...

Something is underfoot - Frank Ghery just released 2 press releases this week announcing strategic partnerships and alliances. On the 18th, Ghery announced: "Architectural Leaders Join Frank Gehry to Form Strategic Alliance  Dedicated to Transforming the Building Industry Through Technology". The names on that list are quite impressive! Then, on the 19th a second press release announced: "Autodesk and Gehry Technologies to work Together to Improve the Way Buildings are Designed and Constructed".

Hmm... World leading architects + world leading design software company =______________

I'll let you fill in the blank, but I have to hope this leads to some really cool things happening in the near future. This is a pretty big development considering Ghery technologies uses their proprietary Digital Project so prominently. Since Digital Project is built on the same platform as Solidworks from Dassault Systems, one can't help but speculate what is going on. Ghery is dabbling in two technology pools now...

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