Monday, November 28, 2011

Let the AU Festivities Commence...

Wow. What a day - the fact that I was only five minutes late to my first 5pm session is a miracle. If you know me well enough, ask me about it!

The 5pm session was a top secret NDA session which I can't really tell you about.

Afterwards, I went to the blogger social hosted by Autodesk at SushiSamba in the Palazo. It was great to see so many friends. It amazed me how despite not having really seen each other much over the last year (some not since last AU), we could simply pick up a conversation like we saw each other just yesterday. Here are a few pics from the blogger social:

The general scene:

Sean lurking ominously for the perfect shot from his marshmallow gun:

My marshmallow gun (sniper style) and LED throwie that I made thanks to Instructables:

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