Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Version of Revit Do I Have & How to Borrow a Network License...

That tiny, miniscule button in the upper right corner of Revit (and most other Autodesk products) will do 2 things for you that I commonly get asked about.

  1. What version of Revit am I using & do I have a service pack (web update) installed?
  2. How do I borrow a network license?
Item 1 - Checking what version of Revit you are running:
  1. Click the highlighted button
  2. Choose "About..."
  3. Note the version shown (indicated by yellow rectangle) and whether or not there is a service pack installed - if a service pack/web update is installed, it will say something like Web Update 1 underneath the "Build" number

Item 2 - Checking out a Network License
  1. Click the highlighted button
  2. Choose "About..."
  3. Click the "Product License Info..." button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click "Borrow License..."
  5. Pick a date from the calendar and click the button "Borrow..."
  6. Please note that even if the calendar window says to pick within the valid date range, the company you work for may limit this range to less than the range shown

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