Friday, June 28, 2013

Are You Brave Enough to Ask for Feedback?

I've been doing a lot of Revit training for the company I work at this year. I did plenty of training when I worked previously at U.S. CAD and at the conclusion of every class we always had the students fill out a survey. Sometimes the feedback was uplifting, other times it was a wake up call. It takes a certain mindset to process feedback from others on something you spend a lot of time doing and have put a lot of energy into. To put it to use is another thing all together.

After a few class lately, it occurred to me that I had no way of really knowing what those who attended thought about what they just learned and how it was delivered. So, I put together a brief survey for each different topic via Survey Monkey and started passing them out. I got some really good comments back already, albeit in a limited fashion. I think I am going to start requiring attendees to fill out the survey before they leave at the end of the class so I can get better participation in the survey's.

So, would you ask for feedback?

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