Wednesday, September 27, 2017

3D Connexion Wireless CAD Mouse

It may of taken 2+ years for 3D Connexion to release a wireless version of their wired CAD mouse, but they've finally done it! They released the new wireless version on Tuesday September 19th 2017, I ordered it the same day and received it Saturday of the same week via FedEx Ground (free shipping option). Needless to say, I was fairly excited to get working with it. Over the last couple years, I've grown very accustomed and attached to my wired CAD Mouse. Its fits really well in my hand and I really love having that dedicated middle mouse button. Anyways, onto the new device!


  • Fit and finish of product box is on par with a new iPhone product box, well packaged, protected and great graphics to get going quickly.
  • The carry case for the mouse was in its own bag to protect from any scratches.
  • The inside of the carry case is padded on the side that goes against the buttons, nice touch.
  • On the bottom of the mouse, there is an on/off switch, a pairing button and one to switch between the dedicated hardware dongle and Bluetooth.
  • The wireless CAD Mouse is slightly smaller than the wired version, something I wasn't expecting. Initially, I wasn't happy about this, however, I think I will get accustomed to it, seems to be approximately 10-15% smaller overall.
  • I also got the new, smaller mouse pad which seems to be more of a traditional size and fits better for me in a lot of spaces I set up my laptop. Yes I actually use the pad they sell, I've actually had a few issues on semi-reflective issues and getting the mouse to behave correctly. It also seems to glide better on this pad than on others. Plus, it makes that cool fake thunder sound when you hold the pad and wiggle it back and forth in the air. =)
  • Having used it for about 3 days, I'm really loving the lack of a wired connection. By the second day, I needed to plug it in and use it while charging via the included USB as it was lagging a bit on inputs. Unplugged the next morning and its back to being very responsive.
  • Price might seem to be a little higher than your average wireless mouse, however I feel the value is there for the price. High quality construction, well thought out design and a very good sensor for precise picks and clicks.

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